After her debut in bollywood alongside Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan, Nayanthara is set to enthral audience attention with her upcoming film Annapoorani- The Goddess of Food, where she plays the role of an aspiring chef. The filmmakers on monday unveiled the trailer buzzing anticipation among fans.

The trailer reveals Nayanthara’s character aspiring to become a chef despite her parents’ objections. She deceives her parents by enrolling in a cooking school under the guise of pursuing an MBA. The actress is depicted questioning her confidence in her culinary dream after consuming non-vegetarian food. Undeterred, she resolves to compete in a cooking competition to become India’s best chef. The trailer provides a glimpse into the challenges she encounters on her journey to fulfil her dream.

So far, the trailer has garnered over 2,090,796 views and is still counting more. Several YouTube viewers have commented on the video. One user wrote, “Each time Nayanthara does a women-centric film. It has variation from one another. Good script. All the best Nayanthara." Another user added, “One and only lady superstar Nayanthara, eagerly waiting to watch this film." One user also commented, “Goosebumps felt after a long time."

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