James Gunn of DC Studios has unveiled the first image of Superman's new logo from Superman: Legacy, which also has a new title. director james Gunn is sharing this official first look since the first film in the rebooted DCU has officially begun production. As a result, this intriguing new picture has a few important features and teasers.
In an effort to commemorate Cark Kent's birthday in the DC canon, Gunn posted the official logo for Davide Corenswet's upcoming DCU Superman on Threads. You may see Gunn's remarks and the logo below:

Although the new logo design is intriguing in and of itself, Gunn also said that Superman: Legacy principle photography has started. Gunn also revealed the shocking fact that the film, which is scheduled for release in 2025, will now be called Superman: Legacy. In light of this, here are all the salient points and spoilers from james Gunn's significant Superman reveal.

The DC Comics Superman from the iconic Kingdom Come storyline by Mark Waid and alex Ross, which takes place in a future parallel world, seems to share a lot of similarities with the new Superman emblem. Still, there's probably only a visual similarity between the two. Superman from Kingdom Come is supposedly older and more seasoned than Clark Kent from the DCU, who is supposedly closer to the start of his superhero career.

After Kingdom Come was released in 1996, the red-and-black emblem with its sleeker 'S' style has continued to be highly popular among fans. Therefore, it's possible that the new yellow-and-red variant of the emblem, which will be worn by Corenswet's Man of Steel in the DCU, will be just as well-liked. Overall, rather than being an obvious letter "S" as is the case with more traditional designs, the new symbol does appear more like an extraterrestrial sigil (House of El) that is subsequently seen by mankind as a "S."

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