Ajith celebrated his son's birthday by cutting a football cake..!?

The photos taken by actor ajith kumar celebrating his beloved son Aadvik's birthday with his family are going viral. Actor ajith and actress shalini got married in the year 2000. The romance blossomed between the two while acting in the film Amarkalam, and the two got married the year after the release of the film. The couple has a daughter named Anoshka and a son named Advik. Both are studying in school. Ajith's daughter anushka is now 16 years old.
Similarly, Ajith's son Advik is now 9 years old. Advik was born on march 2, 2015, and recently celebrated his 9th birthday with his family. Ajith's son Aadvik is fond of football. He plays for the junior team of the FC chennai football club. As per his son's wish, ajith is celebrating his birthday with a football theme. A cake cut for Advik's birthday was also arranged in the shape of a football. Apart from that, the balloons that were pasted for decoration were also designed like footballs. Apart from this, the banner arranged for the son's birthday was edited so that Advik's photo was among football legends like Ronaldo and David Beckham and kept at the birthday party.Apart from that, Advik cut the cake wearing a football jersey. Ajith's wife shalini posted the photos from her son's birthday party on her instagram page. In it, ajith looks classy in a coat suit with red cooling glasses. After seeing Ajith's son's birthday photos, fans are wishing him to become a great footballer.

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