Fahadh Faasil recently shared insights into the failure of the film "Dhoom" in a candid interview. Despite his success in films like "Trans" and the recent blockbuster "Avesham," "Dhoomam" did not resonate with audiences as expected. In the interview, Fahadh highlighted that "Dhoomam" aimed to raise awareness about the tobacco industry's influence, particularly how the life insurance corporation owned a significant stake in tobacco companies.

The film sought to shed light on the complexities of this issue, including price changes, product alternatives, and the impact on public health. However, Fahadh acknowledged that despite the film's noble intentions and strong concept, it failed to translate effectively on screen. He emphasized that some ideas are better suited for discussion or written form rather than visual storytelling. 

While the concept may seem compelling on paper, bringing it to life on screen requires a deeper understanding and execution that "Dhoomam" ultimately lacked. In "Dhoomam," Fahadh portrayed an executive of a tobacco company, questioning the irony of an insurance company's ownership of such a business. The film, directed by Pawan Kumar, also featured Achyut Kumar, roshan Mathew, aparna Balamurali, and others in lead roles.

 It was intended as a psychological thriller, with Fahadh's character waking up with amnesia and unravelling the mysteries of his past, drawing parallels to the plot of AR Murugadoss' "Ghajini." Despite its ambitious premise, "Dhoomam" failed to resonate with audiences, and Fahadh reflected on the challenges of translating complex ideas into successful cinematic experiences. Looking ahead, Fahadh is set to star in Allu Arjun's "Pushpa 2," directed by Sukumar, and is also involved in several other high-profile multi-starrer projects in the South indian film industry.

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