Earlier there were 33 districts in rajasthan, now 19 new districts have been increased and with this

the total number of districts in rajasthan has now become 50. congress is currently busy visiting

each district and establishing direct contact with the people. At present, former congress President

Dr. Chandrabhan, who has completed the tour of 29 of these districts, told in a BBC report that for

the first time in the state, congress is working to woo the OBCs and upper castes.

He said that congress has given many public welfare schemes to the people during its five-year

tenure. In such a situation, if the party organization is able to do excellent work at the lower level,

then the results will be positive.

What does bjp expect from the state?

If we look at the electoral history of rajasthan, we will find that since 1993, the government has

been formed in the state once by congress and once by BJP. If we look at this pattern, this time is

the year of departure of congress and welcome of bjp, but congress seems to be very active in

registering its victory in this assembly elections.

Talking about bjp, this time the party has handed over the leadership of the election campaign to

different collective teams. This party has also prepared a complete strategy to woo OBC voters.

Caste mathematics of last assembly elections

In the last assembly elections in rajasthan, 38 Jat MLAs had won. Apart from this, eight Gurjar

MLAs had won. congress had fielded 15 Muslim candidates in this election, out of which seven

candidates won. Apart from this, 18 MLAs became from Meena. Out of which 9 are from

congress, five from bjp and three are independent. If we look at the results of the last election, we

will find that Rajputs were angry with BJP. In that election, the bharatiya janata party gave 26

tickets to Rajputs, but won ten, while the congress gave 15 and won seven.

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