Election excitement has increased in Rajasthan. In this context, Vipra Sena (Vipra Sena Jaipur) chief Sunil

Tiwari has made a big announcement today. He said that if Brahmins do not get tickets on 42 seats by national

parties, then the army will make its preparations for that. He told that after the Brahmin Mahapanchayat in

Jaipur, bjp made a Brahmin its president and congress also made a Brahmin the president of Mahila Congress.

After this, now there are elections so Brahmins also want tickets.

sunil Tiwari said that this time we have asked for tickets on 42 seats from bjp and Congress. I do not want to

contest elections but Brahmin candidates have to contest. Because, now those who are standing with us will also

have to come down. Although sunil contest elections has trended a lot on twitter recently, but the youth have

to contest the elections and they need tickets.

More than 40 lakh votes

Vipra Seva President sunil Tiwari says that there is a population of 80 to 82 lakh Brahmins in Rajasthan. In

which there are 40 to 42 lakh voters. Last time 12 lakh votes were cast, but now twice as many people will vote.

This time the Brahmin youth will come to the field with us with double the strength. The youth are together and

have one opinion and are united. youth will vote in large numbers. That is why national parties are

continuously contacting us.

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