Your mobile charger may explode, this is a very dangerous sign!

Everyone is using mobile and hence mobile chargers are in every house. Although mobile chargers are safe, sometimes they can prove to be very dangerous.

A charger is required to charge mobiles and smartphones 

There are three types of chargers available in the market, in which you get normal charger, fast charger, and C-type charger. But sometimes these chargers get damaged during use and their wires get cut. Despite all this, many users keep charging their mobiles and smartphones with such chargers by using tape or some other device. If you also do something similar, then you should be careful. Let us tell you that a charger with a cut wire is no less than a bomb. If you are charging your phone with a disconnected charger, your phone's battery may explode and you may even get electrocuted. In such a situation, we have brought you information regarding precautions related to disconnected chargers, which will protect you along with your phone.

How should be the smartphone charger?

The charger with which you charge your smartphone should not be mutilated. Tech experts advise that only the original charger should always be used to charge the phone. If you are not doing this, then you are causing harm to yourself.

What is the harm caused by a broken charger?

If you charge your mobile with a broken charger, then you are sure to suffer losses. Using a damaged charger will not only damage the phone's battery, it can also cause the phone to explode.

Use only the original charger

If you use a local charger to charge your smartphone or mobile, then you should be careful, because sparking can happen at any time in the local charger and due to this your smartphone can get damaged.

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