Due to age-related illnesses after he withdrew from acting in movies ten years ago, legendary actor kaikala satyanarayana passed away lately at the age of 87. Kaikala made it to movies after joining a theatre group while pursuing his Intermediate degree in Vijayawada, and made his acting debut in the 1959 film "Sipayi Koothuru." However, it wasn't the box office success of this movie that actually allowed him to thrive in the Madras-dominated telugu cinema business.

Despite the fact that Kaikala has won numerous significant opportunities since his debut, his striking similarity to ntr led some to mistake him for the illustrious actor. In apoorva Sirascheda Sahasra Chintamani, Kaikala played a guest part, and ntr discovered that he has a wonderful screen presence when playing a royal. Satyanarayana thereafter became a required actor in such films when the director of that movie, SD Lal, began producing more folklore films with NTR.

From playing NTR's stooge in the movie Ramudu-Bheemudu to playing NTR's villain in numerous movies. But in 1960's Kanaka durga puja Mahima, directed by Vitalacharya, Satyanarayana was given his debut role as a villain alongside Kanta Rao. However, the NTR-Kaikala partnership continued for nearly 101 films, and he even joined the telugu desam party to run for mp from Machilipatnam. He even started producing movies in 1990, with megastar Chiranjeevi's Kodama Simham. For his art, Kaikala received numerous honours, including the Raghupathi venkaiah Award in 2011.

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