Initiating his yuva Galam Padayatra is Nara Lokesh. The 400-day walkathon that began today will traverse 4000 kilometres, making it the longest Padayatra in telugu history. To witness the young leader take the first step, a sizable audience came upon the kuppam streets. people of various ages and social groups attend to see the future leader in action.

TDP MLAs, MPs, other public figures, and senior leaders travelled to kuppam from all around the state. Before the famous Padayatra, lokesh visited the Varada raja Swamy temple and other places of worship with his father-in-law, mla Balakrishna. balakrishna is seen making sure lokesh performs each ceremony prior to the Padayatra. It's interesting to note that on Day 1 of the Padayatra, Chandrababu is not there. Giving lokesh the room he needs to battle and establish himself as a leader looks like a wise plan.

Lokesh worked primarily in Chandrababu Naidu's shadow from 2014 to 2019. But he is assuming a leadership role with the 2019 loss. When Naidu's lone son left his hyderabad home, he appeared to be quite upset. He did not, however, attempt to be watchful by going to the Padayatra. The fact that Naidu trusted lokesh and gave him a free hand is undoubtedly constructive.

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