Tiruvur assembly Constituency has become very interesting in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Former mla ycp candidate Nallagatla Swamidas and Kolikapudi Srinivasulu from tdp party are contesting from this assembly segment. Currently, the competition between them is fierce. As part of the campaign, they are criticizing each other badly. In this way, at a time when their campaign is going like three flowers and six fruits, tdp candidate srinivas has a new headache. It seems that his campaign is getting disturbed at a time when there are many news on social media that there is a change of candidate. And who is disturbing him from TDP.. let's see what the matter is.

Until recently Keshineni nani and Keshineni Chinni from tdp were the strongest leaders in Tiruvuru. Whenever Chandrababu held a meeting there, at that time Keshineni Chinni Anni Tanai led Chandrababu in front. Chandrababu said that Keshineni nani, who did not like this, raised the flag of rebellion against the tdp and said that he could not give him a seat. With this, a rift was born in tiruvuru TDP. With this, nani joined YCP. At the same time, the Thiruvuru assembly seat was allotted to Srinivas. At a time when his campaign is in full swing, former mla Undavalli sridevi is revolting to allot the tiruvuru seat to her. Recently she also arranged a meeting with Keshi Neni Chinni.

On this occasion she said that she was stubborn in not giving the ticket and she insisted that this ticket should be allotted to me. As a result, two factions have formed in the constituency tdp namely sridevi faction on one side and Kolikapudi srinivas faction on the other side and are breaking the hold of TDP. Any candidate who wins in this constituency will win with a margin of few votes. Competition is fierce. Political analysts say that there is a possibility of splitting votes due to division into factions at this time when they should work together. If this trend continues in tdp, chances of victory of ycp will increase there. It remains to be seen what kind of decision the tdp leadership will take on this.

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