On Sunday, chief minister A. revanth reddy proposed various changes to the state's official hymn, Jaya Jaya He telangana, which was penned by writer Ande Sri and composed by music director M.M Keeravani. revanth reddy met with Ande Sri and keeravani to discuss the changes, which were based on recommendations he received at the latest cabinet meeting.

The 1.5-minute-long hymn is designed to highlight telangana culture and traditions. It would also acknowledge the efforts of martyrs who gave their life during the telangana agitation. The state anthem will be published on june 2 as part of the formal State Formation Day celebrations at Secunderabad's Parade Ground. The government has invited AICC head sonia gandhi to the occasion, where she is expected to release the anthem.
After its formal release on june 2, it will be played in all government educational institutions, schools, and offices. keeravani explained certain notes to the chief minister, which were partially accepted. keeravani performed the melodies on the keyboard in accordance with the Chief Minister's instructions. Andesri, the lyricist, consented to rewrite the hymn based on the Chief Minister's ideas. revanth reddy thanked Ande Sri and keeravani for their participation to the anthem. Vem Narender Reddy, the state government's adviser, and others took part in the engagement.

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