Demolition of Jagan's house..Lady boss who entered the field?

The former chief minister of andhra pradesh YS Jaganmohan reddy is facing successive shocks. revanth Reddy's government gave an unexpected shock to Jaganmohan reddy who lost badly in ap in Telangana. It is known that Jaganmohan Reddy's house is near lotus Pond in Hyderabad. But ghmc demolished the security rooms in front of this house. Without giving any information, the ghmc officials came and razed the rooms in front of Jagan's house to the ground.

The news of this incident became a hot topic in two telugu states. But cm revanth reddy has no information about this incident. Only a minister from South Telangana... ghmc officials... did this work on the orders. According to the advice of Chandrababu Naidu... telangana minister gave these orders. However, in the wake of the Minister's orders... the police and ghmc officials who entered the field... razed the rooms to the ground. But... on this incident... revanth reddy government became very serious. As per the orders of revanth reddy, Amrapali, who entered the field, attacked the officers. Khairatabad Zonal Commissioner, IAS officer hemant Borkade has been transferred. Although serious about the demolition of illegal structures in front of Jaganmohan Reddy's house, revanth Reddy's furious about doing this without informing the higher officials.

Hemant was angry that the authorities of Greater hyderabad were doing demolitions on the orders of a minister. Not only that, Khairatabad Zonal Commissioner Hemant... should also be ordered to report to GID... IAS has given clear instructions. Amrapal said that such incidents will not happen again.

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