With dasara, which was filmed against the backdrop of the singareni coal mines near Godavarikhani in Telangana, nani is prepared to transport us to a different universe. dasara has generated a lot of buzz since its debut because to its captivating marketing materials. The tracks topped the music charts, while the teaser and trailer received a thunderous reception. 

In an exclusive interview, nani shared some fascinating details about the film. The actor claims that when he initially heard the narrative, he had a rudimentary concept of how dharani looked. "The guy has an animal instinct. He fluctuates between being wild and innocent. He can be unexpected in general. The project was supposed to begin right away, but it was delayed by four months as I prepared for it physically and otherwise.

To further tighten things up, little nuances are added during the process. Most of the commercial imagery featured nani drinking pavva, a popular beverage in his native India. The performer admits that he drank during a few of the situations. The movie has lots of intense and raw moments and we are sure it will be loved on the big screen confirmed Nani

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