Dabang Khan i.e. salman khan is still a bachelor and his marriage is often discussed. On the question of marriage, he is always seen cutting corners, but now recently his pictures have given rise to the news of his engagement.

Bollywood veteran actor salman khan often remains in the headlines. His fans still speculate that salman Bhai will get married tomorrow if not today. Recently the pre-meet of IIFA 2023 was organized. During this, many stars associated with the industry participated, but when salman khan arrived, everyone's eyes were fixed on him.

Salman Khan was seen at the event in a green shirt and gray pantsuit, looking dashing as ever. Salman's look attracted everyone's attention, as well as the ring on his hand caught the eyes of many people. He was wearing a ring on his middle finger which was never seen before in his hand. This is the actor's lucky ring, about which various kinds of talks are happening on social media.

Some are considering it a lucky ring, while some people are also speculating about engagement. One user wrote, salman khan is very lucky, does he need to wear any lucky thing? On the other hand, some people say that father Salim Khan has given this ring to salman, as he has given it to all his children. Another wrote – Everyone has got this ring, Arbaaz is also wearing this ring, and that too on this finger.

Dabangg Khan has been in a relationship with many girls but he never married. Often the news of their marriage keeps on creating panic on social media. An interesting anecdote related to salman Khan's marriage was shared by sajid nadiadwala on 'The kapil sharma Show. Sajid told, 'In 1999, salman khan got the idea that let's get married. The marriage was decided and card wards were printed and distributed. A small gathering of 20-25 people was to be held, but later they refused to get married just 5 days before the wedding.

Talking about salman Khan's work front, he will be seen in the film 'Tiger-3'. With this, he will be seen in the film 'Kisi Ka Bhai, Kisi Ki Jaan'. Not only this, but salman khan will also be seen in 'Dabangg-4' and 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan'

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