Mahesh Babu and Trivikram's SSMB28, one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the season, has just published its title and first trailer. mahesh babu is sporting his oora mass look in the movie with the title "Guntur Karam." mahesh babu appears to have undergone yet another transformation thanks to trivikram, the folk rap playing in the background, and the beedi in his hand. Through athadu and Khaleja, trivikram was the one who revealed a fresh perspective on Mahesh.

After beating up the thugs at the mirchi yard, mahesh babu has now entered the ultra-mass zone while smoking a beedi, wearing a red bandana and speaking with a guntur accent as he exclaims, "Endi atta chustunnav, Beedi 3D lo Kanapadutunda." The initial impression has created enthusiasm, but it has to be seen how spicily and explosively this guntur Karam will be. Ironically, the BGM is used by Anirudh for samantha in 'KRK' movie.

Mahesh Babu appears in a mass avatar in the ad for guntur Kaaram. He is observed lighting a bedi with a general attitude and his usual gestures. In the first look teaser, the song played during Mahesh Babu's introduction is eye-catching and generates a lot of buzz for the movie. Overall, the SSMB28 aka guntur Kaaram mass strike is really amazing, has a significant impact on the movie, and exceeds all expectations.

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