An important milestone was recently reached by siddharth, a well-known actor in the tamil cinema industry, who recently completed 20 years of acting as a hero. siddharth made his acting debut in the popular director Shankar's movie "Boys," and since then, he has been in several films and earned a devoted following. His forthcoming movie, "Takkar," has an intriguing schedule of upcoming ventures, and people are eagerly anticipating it. 

He is actively promoting the movie ahead of its june 9 release, and one of the videos from those efforts is currently trending on social media. To celebrate Siddharth's 20 years in the business, a tamil media outlet hosted a special fans' gathering for the actor. sujatha Rangarajan, the wife of a well-known tamil author, surprised everyone by attending the event and congratulating Siddharth.

Siddharth was profoundly impacted by her presence, grew tearful on stage, and ultimately asked for her blessing. After introducing sujatha Rangarajan, the presenter said that siddharth had previously served as Mani Ratnam's assistant and that sujatha had suggested him to shankar as an actor.

"I suggested to my husband that we suggest him to Shankar, but he refused, saying that the boy wanted to become a director," she stated. But I maintained he would be ideal for the part and told shankar what I thought. siddharth originally ignored Shankar's call since he wanted to be a filmmaker. As a result of Shankar's invitation to participate in a photo session and Mani Ratnam's encouragement to do so, siddharth was finally picked as the film's protagonist.

Sujatha Rangarajan was presented to the audience by siddharth, who expressed his sincere gratitude for her assistance and revealed that he had only subsequently learned that she had really suggested him to Shankar. He praised her instincts and said that if she hadn't intervened at that moment, his life would have taken a different turn.

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