Vidyut's death-defying stunts: Does he never get scared?

Action hero Vidyut Jammwal admits that the death-defying feats he performs first terrify him but that he overcomes it when filming his upcoming extreme sports film, "Crakk - Jeethegaa Toh Jiyegaa," which is now in production.

Vidyut has often pulled off risky acts that have earned him the title of superhuman. He has exercised with a fully loaded gas cylinder or while performing pushups on glass bottles. Does he never get scared when he pulls off these stunts?

"It worries me, but that's only the beginning. You then surpass it. No, I am afraid of everything when I first start, but once you get going, I believe the fear goes away. First and foremost, you must raise the standard for yourself, he said. "You start thinking about what you want to do next, what you haven't done, what your body hasn't experienced, or where your mind hasn't gotten to yet," the actor continued. After overcoming all of these challenges, you arrive.

Aditya Dutt's forthcoming movie centres on two brothers who would compete in risky exploits and challenging activities to win. Rehan Khan and Sarim Momin are the authors. When asked how much an actor should put into a role, Vidyut responded, "I believe that limiting oneself is a sin, you ought to be limitless."

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