Prabhas is the star of the highly awaited movie "Adipurush," which has been trending on social media. Fans and cinema aficionados praised the newly released trailer. However, Prabhas' devoted fan base did not take well to the actress kasthuri Shankar's comments regarding the movie. kasthuri brought up the fact that Lord ram hasn't been traditionally shown in indian movies with a mustache. She also expressed the view that Prabhas' portrayal in the movie seems more like Karna from the Mahabharata than it does like Lord Ram.

Kasthuri shared her opinions on twitter by asking, "Is there a custom where Lord Ramji and Laxman are shown with a mustache and facial hair? Why this strange deviance? Legendary performers have flawlessly depicted Sri Rama, particularly in Prabhas's telugu career.

Fans of prabhas immediately denounced Kasthuri's remarks in response. They highlighted how the film "Adipurush" depicts Lord ram as a fearsome warrior and showcases Om Raut's innovative rendition of the epic Ramayana. They advised kasthuri to examine the movie's specifics more carefully before making a judgment. The disagreements between kasthuri and Prabhas's devoted fan base highlight the high level of interest in "Adipurush." The public excitedly anticipates the movie's premiere as debates about it continue to heat up, anticipating how the cinematic version will play out on the big screen.

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