Nani is fighting solo in the promotion of Hi Nanna movie. Mrinal is busy with other shootings and is not able to allocate time for the promotion of this movie but nani is trying to attract the audience with all kinds of promotions called emotional fun. He also used the current election fever as Hi Nanna's party. Along with the already released songs, the teaser trailer also created hype about the film. 

Nani's promotions tricks are highlighted more than the film's content but Animal trailer suddenly swallowed the Hi Nanna buzz. After the trailer, a pre-release event was held to get more boost. With the arrival of mahesh babu and Rajamouli, the hype of the film has increased to a higher level than expected. Since the animal buzz was loud, the sound of nani Hi Nanna was reduced to a great extent. 

This can cause a lot of damage to the film. Hi Nanna is coming on december 7 after Animal on december 1. A gap of a week is good but even if Animal receives any positive talk for the current buzz, it will not fail to make an impact at the box office as well. Anyway, nani now needs to increase the sound of Animal with promotions. Now there is a need to focus more strongly on promotions so that it can get hype again.

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