Vicky Kaushal and katrina kaif are one of the most-loved couples. They often talk about each other and it shows the love that the two share. In a recent interaction with a fan, Vicky heaped praises on wife katrina and revealed that he has become an ‘unbeatable listener after marriage. During an event that was hosted by the entertainment portal, vicky kaushal shared how being married to katrina changed his life. He stated,” I was a good listener before but now I’ve become an unbeatable listener. I can listen to so much because she loves to talk and I love to hear her talk. When you have a companion, when you have your life partner with you, you can’t make decisions as to what you want, it’s always about what we want. This thought has seeped in over two years that more than the individuality….”

He added, “Of course, the individuality is there but more than that when you are thinking about something, it’s always about what’s better for us, rather than what’s better for me.”  He also recently shared with the same portal, “It really is a blessing to find that companion for yourself where you truly feel like you’ve come back home. I don’t know how to describe it in words, but it’s a very sukoon wala feeling. (It’s a very peaceful feeling). It’s nice. It’s your grounding, it’s your axis. You know that this is your ground zero. I don’t know how to say it but it’s fun living life with her, exploring life with her. I was not much of a traveller but after she came in my life, I am traveling more. I was like ye maine life mein kia hi nahi tha. There’s a lot of new things you get to share about each other, so it’s beautiful.”

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