In tollywood, the concept of Pan india films has gained momentum, showcasing the industry's wide-ranging popularity. telugu movies are in high demand across various languages, attracting actors and directors from different regions. The anticipation for a collaborative Pan india project featuring all heroes is palpable, with some actors announcing such ventures irrespective of content. 

This trend has been prevalent in tollywood for a while. Recently, youth star nithin was posed with an intriguing question regarding plans for mixed-language or Pan india films. Nithin's response carried an interesting perspective. He conveyed that while there is no significant desire to make films on the scale of rrr or vie for an Oscar, his primary focus remains on telugu language films. nithin emphasized that if the audience appreciates his telugu films, there might be considerations for releases in other languages. Beyond that, he expressed a lack of enthusiasm for extensive Pan-Indian projects.

Amidst this, nithin, who has faced a period of less success, is set to feature in "Extra Ordinary Man," a film directed by vamsi and written by Vakkantham Vamsi. The promotional materials suggest a departure from the conventional, presenting a solid commercial film. The collaboration between the actor and director showcases a distinct approach, offering something new for the audience to ponder upon.

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