Amritpal's 1st video appeared after absconding-P1

Amritpal Singh, the Waris punjab De Chief, described putting his coworkers in jail as harassment and urged Sikhs in the nation and abroad to form Sharbat Khalsa.

Khalistani extremist Amritpal Singh has given an open challenge to the police by releasing a video amidst the news of his surrender. Amritpal released a 2-minute video on wednesday for the first time after absconding due to police action about a week and a half ago. In the video, he called the action being taken against his comrades in punjab as government oppression and called upon the Sikhs of the country and abroad to fight against it. Along with this, he has also appealed to the Sikh society to call Sarbat Khalsa (Dharma Sabha) on Baisakhi. After this, he gave an open challenge to the police and said that no one can spoil his hair.

Video released on YouTube, went viral on social media

Amritpal has released his video through YouTube. In this he has tried to provoke the Sikh community. Also appealed to them to unite for a bigger purpose. In the video, he talked about the police crackdown on 18 March. He said, my colleagues have been arrested and NSA has been imposed. The government has also oppressed women and children. The 24-hour ultimatum of Akal Takht was also not followed.

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