Raja Singh, a bjp politician who has been suspended and represents the Goshamahal constituency, spoke out in favor of the young people who yesterday disrupted the Milad Un Nabi procession in Ziaguda, Hyderabad. raja Singh may be seen recounting the purported occurrences that happened yesterday during the parade in a video that was posted on his X (formerly Twitter) account. He asserted that the 'Jai Sri Ram' chant was only raised by the teenagers who were drinking tea nearby after the procession had already chanted other slogans.

Police arrested some youths last night: raja Singh

He stated, "I spoke to police officials and told them that raising 'Jai Sri Ram' slogans is not a crime," after alleging that the police had arrested some teenagers last night. raja Singh threatened the police, saying, "A one-sided investigation will have consequences. If a FIR is filed, both groups should be named.

What happened during the Milad procession in Ziaguda?

Yesterday's Milad un Nabi festivities in Ziaguda were tense when a number of individuals assaulted those taking part in the parade. As part of the Milad un Nabi festivities, a group of young people organized a bike rally that morning, which is when the event happened. They parked their motorbikes on the road, came to a stop, raised slogans, and waved flags. Soon, young people from a different group arrived and started yelling "Jai Shri Ram" incessantly. Muslim youngsters left the area as they saw the tension rise. raja Singh is now attempting to become involved in the situation.

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