There was chaos in the program of akhil Bharatvarshiya Yadav Mahasabha organized on monday at BN Mandal

Stadium in the district. During the gathering of Yaduvanshis, many political stalwarts had reached the stage.

Many leaders including RJD leader Shyam Rajak, Jap chief Pappu Yadav had attended this program. Pappu

Yadav was addressing the gathering from the stage. During this, a person started raising slogans of Lalu Yadav

Zindabad. He was asked to remain calm from the stage, but the excited person started raising slogans again.

After this Pappu Yadav got angry and threw the mike from the stage. After throwing the mike, Pappu Yadav left

from there.

people beat up the person who raised slogans

During Pappu Yadav's departure, the organizers also came forward to console him, but Pappu Yadav's anger did

not subside and he left the program. Meanwhile, some people surrounded the person who raised slogans and beat

him severely. Somehow that person was saved from the crowd of people by intervening. At the same time, this

entire incident is being discussed a lot in the entire area.

More than half the chairs remained empty

Let us tell you that preparations for the centenary celebrations of Yadav Mahasabha at BN Mandal Stadium in

Madhepura were being made for a long time. The organizing committee was expecting around one lakh people

to attend the programme, but more than half of the chairs in the pandal remained empty. At the same time,

people said that there was an atmosphere of chaos and confusion in the program.

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