After receiving his IPL cap from the kolkata Knight Riders on Monday, venkatesh Iyer, 26, could not be more grateful to his mom.
Iyer, who bat in the first over and bowls a useful medium speed for madhya pradesh in the local tour, began his cricket career in the same way that most indian children do: for enjoyment. 

"Actually, I began playing when my mom would urge me to get outside and expend energy instead of being locked up inside all day with textbooks," he laughs. After that, life happened, and studies took over. cricket would not appear until he was nearly 19 years old. Iyer enrolled in both a B.Com and accounting and consulting program. Iyer had to choose a decision after passing the intermediate exam in 2016. Trying the CA championships would mean abandoning cricket, or at the very least placing his sports career on the line for the time being.

He had previously made his t20 and 50-overs appearances for Madhya Pradesh's senior squad, and he was the state's Under-23 captain. He knew he was about to make his first-class debut, so he trusted his intuition and moved on with Cricket.

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