Turkey, syria Earthquake: Survivors cry, scream for help...

In Syria's Ejaz city, an 18-month-old baby emerged from a mound of rubble alive and cried out for his mother.

Where is my mother' the eyes of an 18-month-old girl are asking questions?

The eyes of the rescuers searching for life in the rubble in Syria's Ejaz city were filled with joy when only 18-month-old Raghad Ismail was found alive inside the rubble of her house. However, her pregnant mother and two sisters were not so lucky and died under the debris. According to a Reuters report, everyone was happy when rescue workers came out holding Ismail buried under the debris in their arms on monday evening. She was given a piece of bread to eat while sitting in a blanket on a mattress. Along with this, a heater was also arranged to save from the cold, but her eyes were seen asking everyone, 'Where is my mother'?

Refugees living in camps felt lucky for the first time

In another tweet, Lister said that about 2.8 million people in syria are living in camps as refugees due to the civil war. Residents of these camps in north-west syria have seen for the first time the devastation after the earthquake, as the camps were not damaged by the earthquake.

'Save me and my sister, I will become your slave sir'

A journalist Zuhair Alamosa has shared a tear-jerking video on social media. A girl child and her younger sister are seen badly buried under the debris due to the collapse of the roof. When the rescue team reached them, the elder girl said, take me and my sister out of the rubble, sir, I will become your slave.

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