Has open-book exam system already been used in India?

In India, the open-book examination system is still in its infancy. Amidst the Corona crisis in 2020, online open-book examinations were planned by delhi university and Jamia University. For this, a practice exam was given beforehand, however, because of numerous systemic issues, pupils encountered difficulties. During the exam, the online portal itself crashed. Following this, the uneasy pupils demonstrated against the online open-book exam system as well. Professors participated in the protest in addition to the students.

What issues might arise from the exam being open-book?

Manisha Upadhyay, an assistant professor at Mangalayatan university in Aligarh, was interviewed by ABP News. How would you determine whether a child wrote something entirely on his own or whether he simply copied it verbatim from a book? professor Manisha posed the query. How is this going to be confirmed?

According to professor Manisha, any teacher using this technique will need to monitor every student during the exam. Second, the teacher does not need to instruct you if you are bringing a book or notes to the exam. All year long, teacher lectures are not necessary. Without a doubt, the youngster will purchase the book somewhere. Although the CBSE may have considered some advantages and aspects of open-book exams, it is improper to provide children with books or notes to write answers on. Kids will no longer be afraid of the instructor or show respect for them.

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