On her instagram account, shilpa shetty posted a book extract about overcoming adversity. raj Kundra, her husband, was freed from jail in the porn trafficking case earlier this week. shilpa shetty has been defiant since her husband raj Kundra was charged in connection with the mumbai pornography videos case. The entrepreneur was released on bond earlier this week after serving two months in prison. shilpa recently shared a photo of a book passage about pain and fortitude on her instagram account.

She has been attempting to restore normalcy in her and her children's lives, Viaan and Samisha. On september 20, a mumbai court granted raj Kundra, the artist's spouse and a tycoon, bail in the pornographic racket case, and he arrived home. shilpa has now shared a quotation from Christiaan Barnard on instagram, emphasizing the importance of persevering in the face of adversity.

“We've all heard that hardship makes us better, that we learn from our problems,” the book extract says. This may be correct, but not in the way we may assume. Difficult times do not make us better; nevertheless, working through them does. Suffering might drive us to tap into resources we didn't realize we had. Finding these hidden qualities can therefore assist us in dealing with difficult situations in the future. I despise hard times as much as anyone else, but I know I'm capable of getting through and recovering from them.” shilpa adorned her post with a Wonder Woman badge.

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