The young hero Aadi Saikumar's upcoming film will be the action thriller Tees Maar Khan. The film is being produced by Nagam Tirupathi reddy and is being directed by Kalyanji Gogana. In the film, payal rajput portrayed Aadi's love interest. The movie's theatrical trailer has been removed in the interim. It starts with police authorities debating the monster responsible for the town's atrocities during a meeting. A police officer assumes control to confront this beast. He is unique and acts like a rowdy around other rowdies.

It's interesting that Aadi's character has three facets: student, boisterous, and cop. youth would adore his love song with payal rajput as well. While Payal oozed enough oomph as his girlfriend, Aadi saikumar steals the show with his outstanding performance, especially as the police officer. The movie will feature a decent balance of fun and action, according to the trailer. Somehow, the movie's trailer raised anticipation for it.

In the teaser for "Tees Maar Khan," which was published today, Aadi saikumar portrays a bold police officer. It features a lead man who is a cop and is rich in slow-motion shots. In the action movie teaser, a young person in distress cries out, "My brother has vanished." The character of Anoop Singh Thakur then appears as a devil who has been oppressing the police force. He has no regard for mercy, and the male protagonist is the only power that can stand in his way.

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