The wedding of Vakeel Saab actress ananya nagalla has been the subject of numerous rumours over the past few days. ananya is rumoured to have been dating the second son of a well-known tollywood producer. According to rumours, ananya will soon be married and have a family. netizens naturally questioned Ananya's decision to stop performing, especially because her career had only recently begun to take off.

And on sunday afternoon, the actress herself provided the critical clarification. ananya posted a humorous debunking of all the wedding rumours on social media. "Thanks for picking out a groom for me, guys. In order for me to attend my own wedding, however, naku kuda evaro cheppandi with the date and time is also appreciated, ananya posted. The written note will put a stop to the wedding rumours, but ananya hasn't said if she's single or in a relationship.

Ananya, who rose to fame in tollywood thanks to the success of her first movie mallesham and Pawan Kalyan's Vakeel Saab, will next be seen in Samantha's Shakuntalam. She frequently shares steamy photoshoots with her social media followers. Most of them still think she is in a living together and she just wants to put an end to unwanted rumours.

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