Many people have applauded chiranjeevi for his tweet about Taraka Ratna's health and recovery. chiru expressed his joy upon hearing of Taraka Ratna's quick recovery. Taraka Ratna's total recuperation and his return to his house in good health were the wishes of Chiru. chiru expressed his thankfulness to god as well as the medical professionals who cared for Taraka Ratna.

Chiru worries about those who work in the film industry. When someone in the business is having a medical or financial emergency, he always steps forward. Chiru's tweet about Taraka Ratna is exactly what we need right now. This gave those who were hoping for Taraka Ratna's well-being courage and resilience. The actor is suffering and the doctors have indicated he still hasn't crossed the critical stage and they are giving their best right now.

Nandamuri On january 27, Taraka Ratna went into cardiac arrest in kuppam while taking part in the TDP's yuva Galam public gathering. His heart had obstruction, according to the diagnosis. He was sent urgently to a private hospital in Bengaluru for better care, and is now receiving care from a group of multi-specialty doctors. Numerous admirers who are hoping for Taraka Ratna's recovery are relieved and happy to hear Chiranjeevi's health update on Taraka Ratna.

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