It is well known that superstar Rajinikanth is an actor who made his debut during the peak of fame of actor Thilakam sivaji Ganesan, who is seen as the pioneer of tamil film industry.

In this case, Superstar Rajinikanth's film and actor Thilakam sivaji Ganesan's film have been released about 24 times on the same day. But in this post we can see who won in such released movies. In 1976, Rajini's film Three Knots and Shivaji's Chitra Pournami were released together. In this movie, Tulum Mudichu was a big hit and Chitra Pournami was a moderate hit. In the year 1977, Shivaji's film Naman Maan was released, while Rajini's film gayatri was released. Although both the films received moderate reviews, sivaji Ganesan's Naman Man was the highest grosser.

At the end of the same year 1977, Annai Oru Kovil for shivaji was released and for Rajini, Aaru Pushpamangal was released. It is one of the biggest blockbusters of Rajinikanth's screen career. But Sivaji's Annai Or Kovil ran for 100 days and set a record.

In 1978, while Sivaji's Pilot Premnath was released, Rajini had three films released on the same day. They are the movies Tappattals, Aha Sothath and Thai Verke Sathyam. While Rajini's Thai Prake sathyam was a big hit, Shivaji's pilot Premnath ran for 100 days in tamil Nadu and 200 days in Sri Lanka.

In 1979, Shivaji's film Pattakathi Bhairavan was released, while Rajini's Annai Or Ayalam was released. It was also a super hit movie that year. So Superstar Rajinikanth actor Thilakam won in this competition. In the early 1980s, Shivajiku Rishimulam was released and Rajiniku Billa was released. While Sivaji's Rishi Mool ran for over 100 days, Rajinikanth's Billa ran for 250 days to become the biggest blockbuster hit.

In late 1980, Sivaji's Vishwaroopam and Rajini's Polladavan were released together. Even though both the films have crossed 100 days, it is Rajinikanth's Bolladhavan that has received the highest response. Similarly, Rajinikanth's blockbuster hit Dhillumullu was released in 1981 after the release of a film titled Kalthoon for Shivaji. Although both the films have received good reception among the people, it is noteworthy that Rajini's Dhillumullu has been slightly more successful.

This healthy rivalry between the two actors ended in 1992, when Kamal and sivaji co-starred Devar Magan and Rajinikanth Pandiyan. Although Pandian's film ran for 100 days, it is noteworthy that shivaji and Kamal starrer Devarmagan became the biggest blockbuster hit. Even though there are 24 films in competition, both have achieved equal success. And it is well known that the superstar has said on several platforms that he grew up watching actor sivaji Ganesan's performance. But the superstar, who has been competing with actor Thilak since the late 1970s, is still in the same competition almost 50 years later is seen as an extraordinary feat.

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