Dil Raju is one of the legendary producers of Tollywood. There is no doubt that a film coming from his banner is a minimum guarantee. Many people say that no one knows as much as dil raju whether a story will work out, with which hero and how much budget to make a film. people who have worked with him say that dil raju is not only a producer but also a director, cinematographer and a music director with good taste in music. 

Dil Raju sang a song like that. believe it or not, it is also in the movie. dil Raju, who is shy to talk on stage for a long time, sings the song together.  It is known that naga chaitanya was introduced to the movie josh as the hero. The movie has a song about the Jedi Emperor. The song was sung by dil Raju. It's been a long time since dil raju sang a song.

 Now some people are sharing the video on social media and it is going viral. Some people are rushing saying have you seen this angle in dil Raju. When dil raju participated in raghavendra Rao's talk show, he responded to why he had to sing that song. What's strange is that even though the movie josh is an utter flop, the song is still being discussed.

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