Is making Palnadu greener means shedding blood jagan Reddy? lokesh asked while responding to the killing of tdp leader Rama Rao in Gurjala mandal. The tdp leaders are expressing concern that the ruling ycp is filing illegal cases against them and making arrests... But at the lower level, they are taking lives in a very anarchic manner. Recently, ycp leaders are also accusing ycp leaders of the killing of telugu desam party leader Rama Rao in Palnadu district. In this sequence, tdp National General Secretary nara lokesh also reacted to Rama Rao's murder. lokesh said that YCP's bloodlust with power is going unchecked. lokesh alleged that tdp leader Patti Rama Rao was brutally murdered by ycp rowdies in Kothambapuram, Gurjala constituency of Palnadu district. lokesh said he strongly condemns the killing of Rama Rao, who works for the tdp party.

Is making Palnadu greener means shedding blood jagan Reddy? asked Lokesh. He said that the tdp workers who are close to the ycp are being attacked and murdered on a daily basis. lokesh demanded strict punishment for those responsible for Rama Rao's murder. lokesh said that tdp will support the Rama Rao family in all ways.

What actually happened?

Patti Rama Rao (73) from Kota Ambapuram village, Gurjala mandal, Palnadu district, is a tdp leader. But he has two sons. One is abroad while the other is staying in Hyderabad. While his wife also stays with his sons, he alone stays in Ambapuram. In this process, he was brutally murdered while he was alone at home. The unidentified assailants brutally killed him for his throat.

The police reached the spot after receiving information about Rama Rao's murder from the locals. The police registered a case after the body was sent for postmortem. If the locals say that his murder was due to property disputes, tdp says that the reason for his murder was political partisanship. Ambapuram was saddened by the murder of Rama Rao.

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