Bangladesh is a country that was founded as a result of the war between india and pakistan in 1971. Based on this setting, the movie "Pippa" is currently in production, and on July 4th, the producers released the teaser. The teaser opens with then-Indian prime minister Indira gandhi declaring war on pakistan for organising airstrikes at 11 indian air fields, with ishaan Khattar and Mrunal Thakur playing the key characters.

The indian army prepares for battle against pakistan at the PM's command, and after two weeks, it has a definite advantage over the Pakistani army. But "Pippa" describes how the indian army fought back. The PT-76 Russian amphibious combat tank employed in the conflict is referenced in the title of the movie. It is a punjabi word that signifies an empty ghee storage jar.

Ishaan Khattar, a hero, is fortunate to get the opportunity to play an army officer at this point in his career. He excels in the part. He is in charge of a group, and he presents as credible. ishaan claims that no nation has ever in history engaged in a war to liberate a third country. The preview, which was directed by raja Krishna menon of "Airlift" fame, is filled with images of conflict, while the background music by AR rahman makes you sweat. The movie "Pippa," which was produced by the team behind "URI" and "Rang De Basanti," will be released on december 2nd.

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