rrr, an action saga from SS rajamouli, is sweeping the globe. The movie is incredibly popular, especially in America. people simply adored the movie and are hoping it will win an Oscar. rrr appears to have now taken off in the west. Recently, a video of schoolchildren singing and dancing to the hit song Naatu Naatu appeared on social media.

At a recent school celebration, the pupils of Pleasanton, California's Thomas Hart Middle school performed this song. We can tell that the American kids have put a lot of effort into learning the lyrics and dance moves by listening to their pronunciation and watching how they move. This demonstrates how rrr has also impacted American culture. Currently, the video is gaining popularity across social media. rrr simply needs to win an oscar at this point. In a few months, we wish that even that dream will come true. ram charan and Jr. ntr play the key characters in RRR.

Hollywood has officially been overtaken by elugu film. As part of the continuing Oscars campaign, SS rajamouli attended a special showing of his movie rrr on friday night at Los Angeles' renowned Chinese theatre. Many fans ran to the screen and danced to the movie's hit song Naatu Naatu inside the theatre, demonstrating the kind of fan fervour the movie has witnessed so far. A few fans can be seen inside the theatre near the screen, imitating ram charan and Jr. NTR's movements as Naatu Naatu plays in a widely circulated video from the screening.

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