Even if there were a dozen happening heroes back then, there were a lot of starring females to choose from. In a given season, nearly all of the famous heroes were romantically involved with the same heroine. Producers used to make sure that the heroine in both films was different if movies starring famous heroes had to be released within a week or more of one another.

The heroine of the two films, however, happened to be the same on one such occasion when megastar chiru and balayya engaged in an epic battle. In 2001, mrugaraju of megastar and narasimha naidu of balayya engaged in a titanic Sankranthi battle, and simran stars in both movies. She appeared to be much hotter in Balayya's film, but in Chiru's film, she comes off as a little too domestic. We must admit that narasimha Naidu's success was greatly influenced by her beauty.

And now, at a time when chiru and balayya are duelling this way after 20 years, we have shruti haasan participating in a similar fight. She plays the lead role in both Veerasimha reddy and Waltair Veerayya. Although shruti haasan used to be a sought-after heroine about 6–8 years ago, she no longer enjoys the same fame and recognition that simran did when she accomplished the same feat. With two promotions and two appearances, it is safe to say that her career may change dramatically if one or both of these movies become box office successes.

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