There are instances when certain beautiful contestants who joined the bigg boss house receive immediate attention for their appearance and demeanour, but eventually fail to succeed on the big screen, even if that is their final attention. Divi Vadthya, whose beautiful looks are a popular both inside and outside the home, is one such stunner. The bigg boss beauty is used for lip kisses and intimate scenes.

Many people believed she would land some substantial roles in tollywood after seeing the darkly hued role she played in "Godfather." Then came the Harish Shankar-created online series "ATM," and her alluring demeanour at the press conference for the show turned eyeballs. As a result, her fans who were watching the series in awe were ultimately let down.

First off, Divi's position in the "ATM" web series has nothing to do with the plot; rather, she portrays the lover of one of the gang members. Sadly, that is the only role she has after which she gets to perform two steamy lip kisses with her companion. She will only be known for these two kissing scenes, even though she will be used as decorative presence in numerous situations later.

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