Former indian fast bowler sreesanth said on thursday that his former teammate gautam gambhir accused him of being a "fixer" during a Legends League cricket match. The incident occurred during an Eliminator match between the indian Capitals and the gujarat Giants, resulting in a heated discussion between the two players that required the involvement of umpires to de-escalate. sreesanth, who was initially sentenced to life in prison by the bcci for his alleged role in the IPL spot-fixing scam in 2013, had his sentence reduced to seven years by the supreme court of india in 2019.

Sreesanth went live on instagram after the match to discuss the issue in great detail, accusing Gambhir of using "bad words" and being rude. Surprisingly, the former india opener did not explicitly respond to Sreesanth's charges, instead posting a cryptic message on his official social media accounts. "Smile when the world is all about attention!" wrote Gambhir.

Although the former india opener received support from a few former teammates, sreesanth published a lengthy and angry response denouncing Gambhir's behavior. In the aftermath of the event, the fast bowler stated that he had "lost respect" for the cricketer-turned-politician.

"You have gone above and beyond the expectations of a sportsman and a brother, and you most importantly represent the people." Nonetheless, you continue to clash with every cricketer. What's the deal with you? You called me a fixer after all I did was smile and observe. Seriously? Are you higher than the supreme Court? sreesanth wrote, "You have no authority to speak in such a manner and say whatever you want."

"You even verbally abused the umpires and yet you smile?" You are an arrogant, classless guy who shows no regard for people who backed you. Until yesterday, I had always respected you and your family. You, on the other hand, used the disparaging epithet "fixer" seven or eight times. You even used the F-word against the umpires and myself in an attempt to irritate me.

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