18 months imprisonment for thota Trimurthulu..!?

The court sentenced thota trimurtulu to 18 months imprisonment. A fine of two lakhs was also imposed. ycp MLC, Mandapet candidate thota trimurthulu was sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment and a fine of two lakhs by the court. After more than 27 years of trial in the Dalit beheading case, the Visakha sc and st court have ruled that the crime has been committed. Five Dalits were tortured and two were beheaded. This incident took place on december 29, 1996, in Venkatayapalem, ramachandrapuram mandal of Konaseema district. ycp MLC and mandapeta mla candidate thota trimurthulu are accused in this case. While the investigation of this case continued for 28 years, it was postponed 148 times. Along with the trio, 9 other accused were also charged.
In ramachandrapuram mandal of east godavari district, mla thota trimurthulu beheaded two Dalits. Five were tortured. At that time this incident created a sensation across the state. In this case, thota Triumli spent three months in jail. Since then, the case has been languishing in the courts. The trial has been going on in a special court in Visakhapatnam for the past seven years. The final verdict is expected in 2018 itself. The court ordered the victims Koti Chinaraju and Dadala Venkataratnam while giving the final verdict in the Shiromundanam case to submit caste verification documents. There were allegations that thota Trimurtu, who was mla at that time, denied documents to the victims by complaining that they were not SCs. Finally, the high court ordered them to submit their caste certificates. After all the investigations were completed, the court found thota trimurtulu guilty and sentenced him.
The main witness, Koti Raju, died a few days ago. Family members said that he died due to illness. He is the brother of the main victim, Koti Chinaraj. Two of the five victims died. Last year the victim Puvvala Venkataramana died. Two of the 15 witnesses died. They got justice even after 28 years since the case of Shiromundanam was registered. The garden trinity changed to various parties. Currently, he is in YSRCP. Along with the post of MLC, he is contesting as a YSRCP candidate from Mandapet. Contested by praja rajyam Party. Later joined TDP. Contested from tdp in 2014 and won as MLA. Later he contested on behalf of tdp and lost. He joined the ycp when it came to power. He got the post of MLC.

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