The maximum number of rules are broken in Goa...

According to information provided to the rajya sabha by the environment ministry, goa leads all indian states in the number of infractions of the rules governing the coastal zone, which reached 1,878 in the previous five years.

On February 2, junior environment minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey said in Parliament that "about 1,878 cases of violation of the CRZ (coastal control zone) notices have been submitted during the last five years, and action has been taken accordingly." This was in response to query from YSR Congress legislator Niranjan Reddy.

According to the minister, among other coastal states, goa reported 974 infractions in the last few years, followed by 556 in Maharashtra, 101 in Karnataka, and 84 in tamil Nadu.

The term "coastal zones" refers to the area where land and water meet, and it includes the coastal land, the intertidal zone, and coastal ecosystems such rivers, estuaries, marshes, wetlands, and beaches. 

India has an around 7516 km long coastline. To handle development operations cohesively, the CRZ notification divides coastal areas into various zones.

According to HT on november 28, 2022, significant infrastructural developments have been planned for the ecologically vulnerable Great Nicobar island. According to records reviewed by HT, the central government granted environmental approval for a 450 MVA gas and solar power plant, an airport, and ancillary townships spanning 166.1 sq. km in Great Nicobar on november 11.

A total of 130.75 square kilometres of woods will be diverted as part of the project over three phases. If necessary, the project's proponent will likely undertake compensatory afforestation in the Aravallis in haryana and in madhya pradesh to make up for the loss of forests.

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