Another controversy has been brought up by the goodbye kiss that Om Raut and Adipurush actress kriti sanon had in front of the tirupati shrine. The fact that the actors kissed while promoting the Ramayana film has caused controversy on the internet. Even seasoned actress Dipika Chikhlia, well known for portraying Sita in Ramanand Sagar's television series Ramayana, has expressed strong feelings about the occurrence.

Speaking to Aaj Tak, Dipika claimed that performers like Kriti and prabhas had no spiritual ties to the movie or to their characters. She saw it as a serious issue with performers today, saying, "They no longer embody the character or comprehend its feelings. The Ramayana must have been little more than a movie to them. Maybe they haven't felt a spiritual connection to it.

Kriti has never thought of herself as Sita Ji, according to Chikhlia. She continued by saying that younger performers think giving each other a kiss or an embrace is a romantic gesture. She would develop It turns into an emotional issue. I have lived the Sita persona, whereas modern actors just see it as a performance. After the movie or project is over, people lose interest. "Dipika said."

During her time filming, the actress recalls that nobody dared take their identities on the set. "Many individuals would approach us on the set while we were playing our parts and touch our feet. The times were different. They didn't view us as performers back then; rather, they viewed us as gods. We were unable to kiss anyone or even give them a hug.

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