It's going to be an extremely exciting Sankrathi season. While telugu superstars Veera simha Reddy and Waltair Veerayya have still to finalise their release schedules, dil Raju's varasudu is certain to secure the desirable Sankranthi date of january 12th. According to the most recent sources, dil raju and Nandamuri balakrishna might directly confront. The international distributor of varasudu had already announced that the movie would premiere on january 12. According to the most recent information, Veera simha Reddy may also be released on january 12.

If a fight between Veera simha Reddy and varasudu is unavoidable, the situation will be very intriguing. varasudu will benefit from dil Raju's control of telugu state movie theatres, while Nandamuri balakrishna will benefit from Veera simha Reddy, a mass-market movie that has Nandamuri Balakrishna's support. Naturally, the Balakrishna-starring film will be a major hit with the telugu audience, but varasudu will also be released in a tonne of theatres.

Waltair Veerayya, the new movie starring Chiranjeevi, may debut on january 13. When Veera and varasudu try to keep the theatres, theatre allocation will become tricky. The next Sankranthi festival season will be dominated by the conflict between two tollywood legends and a strong producer. Both of these dates, nevertheless, have not yet received official announcements. Varasudu's release date could alter depending on how fellow tamil actor Ajith's Thunivu is received. Therefore, there is still some ambiguity in this area.

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