Vicky Kaushal… Hardly anyone would have thought that a common looking boy would become so special…

and when you watch sam Bahadur, Vicky makes you feel this in every frame. .You don’t take your eyes off

him...and that is the only reason to watch this decent film...In a way, Vicky has saved this film with his brilliant


Story :

This is the story of sam Bahadur…who became a Field Marshal…who was a war hero…and was an amazing

personality…how was his life…how did he join the army. Where were the he used to prepare for

the war...he used to inspire enthusiasm in the army...and how he dedicated his life to the army.

How is the movie?

When I saw the trailer of the film, I felt that this is the best trailer of the amazing...I enjoyed seeing

Vicky Kaushal, but when the film starts, it seems that the expectations are dashed...the film. The beginning is

quite are not able to connect with the the film moves towards the interval...the interest

started increasing...the second half is good...Vicky Kaushal carries the film on his shoulders. But let's take

it...because of them you are able to watch this film...but this film gets defeated in research.

All this research on sam Maneshaw is on YouTube...this film on sam does not show anything different...does

not show anything new...Sam was involved in a lot of controversies...when he left this world, he was given a

guard. Off honor was not given. The film does not mention all these things..just the film ends on his

retirement..that is, the film does not take any risk and here you are disappointed with the film...because you

want to know something more... The film is unable to fulfill the expectations that the trailer of the film creates...

and while leaving, you get only one thing from this film... Vicky Kaushal's brilliant acting.

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