Silk Smitha's biopic movie..!? Who is the actress..!?

The life of Silk Smitha, the glamorous actress of the South indian film industry, is turning into a movie. The life of Silk Smitha, who emerged as a leading glamor actress, is to be made into a movie. Who are the actors in this? Who plays the heroine? Here are the full details! silk smitha is an actress who has filled a niche in the tamil film industry that no one can fill. She rose to fame as a leading actress of South indian cinema in the 80s. Born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh, she slowly entered the film industry as an assistant make-up artist to an actress. Today is her birthday. On this occasion, it has been announced that her biography is going to be made into a film.

Biography of Silk Smitha:

Many people have tried to film Silk Smitha's biography before. But, due to some reasons, all those efforts ended in half. In this situation, now a new announcement has come out that the biopic of silk smitha is going to be made into a movie. It will be directed by Jayaram, a newbie director from Chennai.

Chandrika ravi reprises her role in Silk Smitha's biopic. He has also played some glamorous roles. He has acted in films like Murattu Kuthu, Sey, Veera simha Reddy in Iruttu Chiba. The poster of the film has been released on the occasion of Silk Smitha's birthday. The poster has the words “Untold Story”. The film is said to hit the screens next year. In 2011 vidya balan starrer The Dirty Pictures was released. The story of this film is said to be based on the story of Silk Smitha. However, it is said that he has filtered out many things in the film.
Actress silk smitha had many trials and tribulations in her life. She was going to school and stopped her studies midway due to her family's condition. She was married off at an early age. The married person also harassed her in many ways. Silk, who escaped from there, was a make-up artist in cinema. She also got a chance to act in small roles. Then she started acting in glamor roles. She used to do work like dancing to songs and acting in lead roles in many leading actors' films. It is expected to show how the life of Cinemavaithandi Silk was in the currently developing film.

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