Shah Rukh Khan answers forcefully to the PR team and corporate bookings troll. It is well known that Shah Rukh Khan, the bollywood Badshah, has had minimal box office success in over a decade. king Khan made his comeback in 2023, scoring two back-to-back all-time blockbusters with Pathaan and Jawan.

However, anti-fans and some others blame Shah Rukh Khan for Pathaan and Jawan's success, claiming that SRK has a powerful PR team that spent a lot of money on corporate bookings and PR to bolster his star image. They claimed both Pathaan and Jawan as being major blockbusters only due to corporate bookings. SRK responded perfectly to an anti-fan during a conversation session with his supporters on social media. Fans were ecstatic when Shah Rukh Khan aggressively replied to the public relations team and corporate bookings troll.

Shah Rukh said, “Normally, I don’t answer amazingly intelligent people like you. But in your case, I am making an exception because I feel you need to be treated for constipation. Will tell my PR team to send you some golden medicines…hope u recover soon.” "Dunki is a donkey journey across borders without a permit." When one of his admirers inquired what Dunki meant, Shah Rukh said, "In punjabi dialect, they pronounce it Dunki."

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