Telugu actress hema has gained recognition by acting in many films. She recently revealed how much she earned after doing hundreds of films. Clarity on accumulated assets. Actress hema has acquired a special image for herself as a character artist in the telugu film industry. Her acting earned her millions of fans. He was active in films from 1989 till now. She always appears in the media. She acted in more than 250 films in Tollywood. She has had a long journey in the industry. In addition to supporting roles, hema Ditta has proven herself in comedy with several films. He played many different roles and got a good craze among the audience. Hema, who is often seen in the media, has been away for a few months. A few days later Kirrac appeared at the opening of RP Curry Point. He recently gave an interview to a YouTube channel. On this occasion, hema disclosed the details of his assets. She has been active in the industry since time immemorial.. She has acted in many movies and accumulated hundreds of crores of assets? Some news came. She gave clarity on this in the interview. She told how her income is now.

He said that it is untrue that he has accumulated hundreds of crores of assets. He clarified that he has no assets in that range. But he said that he earned until his daughter was settled. He said he is still earning. He said that he was looking for opportunities. Hema, who had done a series of films at that time, did not appear to have done any big films for two years. It seems that he is currently acting in a film called 'Sravya'. It will hit the screens next year. There are no obvious updates from this movie. Meanwhile... hema bagged the Nandi Award for her role in the movie 'Konchem Utham Khom Duksha'.

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