Sukhwinder Singh: sukhwinder singh is married! Marriages take place even without celebration, singer's statement creates a stir

Experienced singer and musician sukhwinder singh, who has lent his voice to bollywood hit songs, still garners a lot of praise from people for his singing. However, the singer has once again come into the limelight, but this time the reason is not his song but his personal life. sukhwinder singh has recently revealed that he is not alone and there is someone special in his life. Let us know what else the singer said.

Singer sukhwinder singh, who has spread the magic of his voice in hindi cinema, has always kept his personal life very private. Till now the fans also thought that sukhwinder singh was unmarried, but this statement of the singer has created a lot of stir among the fans too. sukhwinder singh said in an interview that he believes that people get married even without a big celebration.

  The singer said in his recent interview, "It is not necessary that those who do not have big celebrations, they do not get married! Right? Many celebrities get married, but no one knows because they do not want to. That it becomes news. There are some sensitive relationships, it is not such a relationship that you have committed a crime, which should be kept hidden.

The singer also revealed why he always remains silent about his relationship. He said, "Privacy is all I have. There is nothing to hide. If an artist finds someone who keeps his thoughts free, then that relationship lasts forever. Artists are very strange people."

Sukhwinder Singh further said, "I am not fond of putting relationships in the limelight. If someone wants to, there is nothing wrong in it, it is not a crime in either case."

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