The occurrence of dengue fever in tamil Nadu has been limited, according to health Secretary Radhakrishnan, because the government is taking preventive measures during the rainy season. Yesterday, health Secretary Radhakrishnan visited kodaikanal and reviewed the government hospital. Later, he met with journalists. 

Then he added, "In tamil Nadu, 5 crore 32 lakh individuals have been vaccinated against corona." During the monsoon season, safety precautions are being made to monitor dengue. As a result, the incidence of dengue disease in tamil Nadu has been reduced. Ten village panchayats in the Pannaikadu municipality of kodaikanal have been immunised against corona. If tourists visiting kodaikanal do not wear the mask, he says merchants in the local districts should encourage them to do so.

Similarly, there are insufficient bins to dispose of household rubbish, which is strewn on the roads and streets due to a lack of space. There's also the issue of chickens and livestock scattering litter. As a result, the general populace is vulnerable to a variety of ailments. This sewage and garbage also causes family strife. There has been no action done to correct these issues by filing several petitions with the Commune panchayat and the Government. Instead, the authorities remain unconcerned.

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