The Task Force and Market police on tuesday apprehended a four-person robbery group that had allegedly been inspired by the akshay kumar film "Special 26" and other films about fictitious I.T. professionals. The gang had allegedly stolen 17 gold bars worth Rs 60 lakh from a jewelry store. 7 gold bars totaling 573 grams were found by police there.

The individuals detained are both Maharashtrians praveen Yadav and akash Arun Hovil, as well as rahman Gafoor Athar and Zakir ghani Athar from Chikkadpally. abhijith Kumar, Amol, Siddanath, Sanjay Parsuram Jadhav, Shubham Vinod Jadhav, and ajay Vinod Jadhav are among the missing people. 

Based on Zakir ghani Athar's knowledge of the availability of gold bars and jewelry in the store where he works, the gang members traveled to hyderabad and slept in a lodge in the secunderabad region a week prior to the jewelry store attack. According to their plan, the gang entered the store in Pot Market in secunderabad on saturday while posing as I-T authorities and wearing false identification cards. They robbed 1,700 grams of gold bars valued at Rs 60 lakh while holding the employees captive before fleeing outside.

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